10 (Apparent) Reasons Against Traveling

von Mina
if you really want something you'll find a way
If you read my last blog post about traveling, thoughts like “ok this makes perfect sense, I agree that traveling broadens your horizons and is great, BUT…” Right, I’ve heard all the “buts” a zillion times already – of course not only on the subject of traveling. We’re great at finding seemingly good reasons why something doesn’t work or rather couldn’t work. But do you really believe, traveling is reserved for only a chosen few? Nowadays? Really? Or is it more about leaving your comfort zone and comforting your weaker self. Either way, here are some of my solution-oriented arguments against any single one of the reasons I heard against traveling. If you can still come up with a “good reason” that I didn’t tackle, be sure to let me know in the comment section below. I’m sure we’ll find a solution for it.


1. I don’t have any money to travel

When it comes to time and money, it’s always about setting priorities, isn’t it? It feels like you can’t get enough of either one. But neither does traveling need to be expensive, nor does it need to be a South American tour for weeks on end, a round-the-world-cruise or a birdwatching safari in Africa. All it needs is a little research online and you can put together an individual trip of your liking. Booking a two-week packaged tour with a travel agency? These days are over (fortunately!), also this way of traveling doesn’t have anything to do with my understanding of traveling. Obviously it doesn’t need to be a flight to the other end of the world – I’m sure, there are so many interesting neighboring states/ countries or cities wherever you live in the world. And then again: even a day trip to the mountains, the sea or wherever you can get fast, enriches you.

2. I don’t have any time to travel

Just as with money, it all comes to setting priorities when it comes to time. We all have 24 hours a day, which we’re able to spend just as we like/ decide luckily. No matter what it’s about, “I don’t have time for xy” to me is the translation of “I don’t want to take the time for xy”. As simple as that.

hong kong streets lights

The streets of Hong Kong at night

3. Traveling is so bad for the environment

As I mentioned before, it can’t always be a long distance trip. Then again, I don’t think it makes sense to just stay home and not live at all. Also, when you get to see what our everyday manner does to the environment, you may become more conscious in your life and choices in general.

Umwelt Afrika Reisen

Picture by Nick Brandt (as seen at an exhibition in Stockholm, 2016)

This being said, there are other approaches to taking care of the environment with conscious behavior in crucial areas (e.g. the food we eat every day). However, the only travel I don’t support is going on cruises. I was never a big fan of them, but could still understand (kind of), why someone would go on one. Meanwhile, I think that they’re absolutely unnecessary and don’t have anything to do with “getting to know the country and its people”.

On the other hand, there are manifold options of “traveling green”. So if you care about the environment – and I guess you do, if you state this as a point against traveling – you can just do some research on that topic, e.g. here: “Eco Travelling” website/ the WWF website about having “an environmentally friendly vacation” or read about it in this Washington Post article.

footprint reisen travel

Take nothing but a picture, leave nothing but a footprint.

4. I don’t know anyone who wants to join me on my travels

So what? That’s just not a reason not to travel. No matter how old you are, you can join a group, meet people on your journey or simply go all by yourself and get to know yourself a little better. Traveling alone has pros and cons, without doubt. The biggest advantage in my opinion is not having to follow anyone else. The biggest downside would probably be not being able to share special moments with a loved one. But thanks to facetime, whatsapp and whatever else, you can share these moments basically live nowadays. Anyway, I always learned the most about myself, when I traveled by myself.

5. I’m on a special diet

It has never been easier to manage intolerances or preferences to your liking in the world today. While you were frowned at when asking for a vegetarian option a few years back, today you often have a selection of even vegan meals or at least such that can be adjusted. Besides, there are grocery stores and markets in all parts of the world, assuming you don’t want to travel to an African outback – although rice & lentils are vegan and well-tolerated in general 😉


Ftira (typical Maltese flat bread “veganized”), Mdina, Malta

6. I just have no clue

And yet again I’m so grateful for the internet! When it comes to travel tips, routing, bookings etc.: you can find it all online meanwhile. Everything else you’ll discover on the go, since that’s what it’s about. Not having a clue is awesome for getting to know new and exciting stuff.

7. I have children

And for that very reason you should be traveling – with your children, of course. And as I mentioned before, I’m not talking about a three-week trip to an alien land, but rather getting out of your usual surroundings. I’m so grateful for my mother taking us to places quite often – and I’m not talking about the long trips to the US (from Germany) but more about the day trips to the mountains, city trips and so forth.

My mom, Mini-Mina and my brother

8. I’ve seen it all already

Yes, I really heard this one before – not from people who really have seen a lot of the world, because they’d know, that they didn’t – in keeping with the philosophical statement “I know, that I know nothing”. Right, if you’re going from one resort to the next, it may feel like you’ve seen it all – and you probably did see everything most resorts have to offer. Yet again, those are not the kind of trips I’m talking about. Anyway, the more I get to see of the world, the more I realize that I barely know the world yet.

Colorado Rocky Mountains Denver

Echo Lake, Colorado

9. I don’t speak the language

That’s just not an obstacle anymore. There are books, which let you communicate via figures/ pictures. There are many translation apps and yet there’s (hard to believe, I know): the possibility to learn a new language, or at least the most important words and phrases.

Sprache Englisch Deutsch Reisen Denver Colorado USA

Seen at the Black Forest Restaurant in Netherlands, Colorado

10. There’s no place like home

True. But we only realize this after coming back from a journey, especially if it hasn’t been as nice where we were. This realization lets us be grateful for what we have.

if you really want something you'll find a way

Lastly, there’s the journey to oneself. Uuuh now it’s getting spiritual – if that sounds like esoteric BS to you, you should travel more, since traveling takes care of two things: prejudices and black & white thinking.
So, if there’s any other “but” coming to your mind now, then you just don’t want it. And that’s totally fine. At least, now you know. However, if you still care for the world, be sure to follow me on Instagram, where I take you on my journeys while you don’t even have to leave your couch.


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