von Mina

This interactive map shows where in the world I’ve been already and illustrates indeed how much I did get about privately and jobwise the last few years. With that being said, the blog doesn’t exist very long yet, so it’s a constant work in process to write about all the beautiful places in the world. And yet we’re getting there! If you have any question concerning a destination marked on the map but I haven’t written anything about yet, don’t hesitate to ask and I hope, I’ll be able give you the information or inspiration you’re looking for. Go to my contact page to find out about the best ways to reach out to me.

By clicking onto the blue dots a little box will open up. Via further links in the particular box you can get straight to the blog posts I have published about or related to this region already. This could be anything from traditional recipes, travelogs or recommendations. Enjoy!

To make things a little easier: there are only two travelogs yet, namely my weekend in Colorado (USA) and my Top 10 highlights about Hong Kong. Now all you have to is find the places on the map (or simply click on the linked destinations I just mentioned 😉 ). On this page you can also find all of the recipes published up to now.

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