Kartoffelpuffer Reiberdatschi vegan potato fritters

Vegan Potato Fritters | Potato Pancakes

With this easy basic recipe for vegan potato fritters / potato pancakes, or whatever you like to call them, you can prepare good traditional German fare to your taste. I love having potato fritters with apple sauce, which brings back childhood memories, and then leave out the onion (which is […]

roasted vegetables ofengemüse quark vegan tofu

Roasted Vegetables & Vegan Quark with Herbs

You can’t go wrong with roasted vegetables. No matter if you’re time is limited but you still want to eat healthy, if you need a side for hearty dishes like this BBQ glazed lentil loaf or if you just want to make use of leftovers before going out of town. […]

spekulatius christmas cookies vegan Plätzchen

Easy Recipe for Vegan Spekulatius Christmas Cookies

In Germany, there’s no Christmas without spekulatius, spiced cookies that originated in the Netherlands. They are made of short pastry and turn out thin & crispy. The most common type is spice spekulatius. There’s even spekulatius seasoning mix available in Germany, but you can just make your own or – as […]

bruschetta pumpkin seed pesto kürbiskernpesto

Bruschetta with Pumpkin Seed Pesto (Crostini)

This pumpkin seed pesto recipe is inspired by the one I had at one of my favorite Italian restaurants in Munich recently. We had bruschetta with pumpkin seed pesto and yellow boletuses as a starter and were thrilled by the taste. Of course, I had to recreate something like that […]