Vegan Bavarian Donuts Two Ways: Fried or Baked

To be honest, I’m a carnival-grinch. The only thing I love about this season: Bavarian donuts (Krapfen). If you love them just as much, be sure to try this easy recipe for a delicious vegan version. You can either fry theses donuts, which is the typical way to make them […]

veganer Joghurt vegan yoghurt homemade

Homemade Vegan Yoghurt

With this basic recipe, you can make vegan yoghurt yourself to save money and packaging waste. You don’t necessarily need a yoghurt maker to make yoghurt at home. By now you can get all kinds of vegan yoghurt in any grocery store – from coconut via soy through to almond […]


Healthy Vegan Oil-Free Granola

Wait a minute. Didn’t I suggest that you wouldn’t need any other recipe for homemade granola besides this one? I did. BUT this is the only recipe you’ll ever need for oil-free and sugar-free granola. By sugar-free I mean without any added sugar like cane sugar or maple syrup. Instead […]

pierogi vegan dumplings ravioli

Vegan Pierogi with Potato and Caramelized Onions

These vegan pierogi are inspired by my recent visit to Warsaw, Poland, where – for the first time ever – I had them at a cute café. At “Vege Bistro“, they serve all kinds of vegan, or rather “veganized”, Polish national dishes. Pierogi might be the most famous of them […]

vegane bolognese linsen lentils tagliatelle vegan

The Best Vegan Bolognese Sauce with Lentils

This vegan bolognese sauce with lentils comes pretty close to the original recipe – it’s made without meat but with lots of love, good ingredients and the necessary time it takes to develop the aromas. Here’s what the ingredient list of the original recipe for ragù alla bolognese looks like […]

Kartoffelpuffer Reiberdatschi vegan potato fritters

Vegan Potato Fritters | Potato Pancakes

With this easy basic recipe for vegan potato fritters / potato pancakes, or whatever you like to call them, you can prepare good traditional German fare to your taste. I love having potato fritters with apple sauce, which brings back childhood memories, and then leave out the onion (which is […]

roasted vegetables ofengemüse quark vegan tofu

Roasted Vegetables & Vegan Quark with Herbs

You can’t go wrong with roasted vegetables. No matter if you’re time is limited but you still want to eat healthy, if you need a side for hearty dishes like this BBQ glazed lentil loaf or if you just want to make use of leftovers before going out of town. […]