Star-shaped cinnamon cookies (Zimtsterne)

If you’d ask me what my favorite spices were, the answer would be: cinnamon & vanilla. No wonder my favorite Christmas cookies are two German classics: star-shaped cinnamon cookies (Zimtsterne) and vanilla crescents (Vanillekipferl). This is why I’m very excited that these unbelievably easy recipes taste so much like the […]


Taste the world: Brazilian Açaí Bowls

This recipe is for everyone who can’t just hop on a plane to go to Brazil spontaneously but would like to escape their everyday life for a moment. Or, if tropical daydreaming isn’t your thing, just enjoy a delicious fruity smoothie bowl. The best thing: it 


Sweet & Spicy Pecans

As well as this first blogpost, the first step is never easy, I guess. So I’m just going to use the same method that I did with my first attempts in the kitchen: trial and error. This post is about one of the first recipes I successfully adapted to suit to my healthy lifestyle and my […]