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1001 Night Dates

  I love two-ingredient recipes! So keep an eye out for them, cause there will be a lot more coming your way. I shared one with you already, remember? Now here comes one with dates: A fabulous combination and one of my go-to snacks would be dates with almond butter. But […]


Creamy Almond Butter Chocolate

Looking for a quick chocolate fix? Check out this recipe then! These delicious chocolates satisfy your craving after just one bite, because they are very rich. No wonder this is one of my all-time favorite recipes among friends & family.


Star-shaped cinnamon cookies (Zimtsterne)

If you’d ask me what my favorite spices were, the answer would be: cinnamon & vanilla. No wonder my favorite Christmas cookies are two German classics: star-shaped cinnamon cookies (Zimtsterne) and vanilla crescents (Vanillekipferl). This is why I’m very excited that these unbelievably easy recipes taste so much like the […]


Taste the world: Brazilian Açaí Bowls

This recipe is for everyone who can’t just hop on a plane to go to Brazil spontaneously but would like to escape their everyday life for a moment. Or, if tropical daydreaming isn’t your thing, just enjoy a delicious fruity smoothie bowl. The best thing: it 


Sweet & Spicy Pecans

As well as this first blogpost, the first step is never easy, I guess. So I’m just going to use the same method that I did with my first attempts in the kitchen: trial and error. This post is about one of the first recipes I successfully adapted to suit to my healthy lifestyle and my […]