Healthy homemade Nutella | Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

I know, saying “Nutella” and “healthy” in the same sentence sounds as if it could only be one from Ferrero, Nutellas father, himself. But with this recipe it does really become true. With only three ingredients you can make a healthy version of this addictive chocolate spread and even eat […]


Taste the World: Thai Mango Sticky Rice

Sàwàt-dii kha from Thailand. Since I’m on vacation here, this Thai recipe couldn’t be any more appropriate. I already got to know mango sticky rice a few years ago when I was here for the first time and just couldn’t eat curries or pad thai anymore. So I must have […]


Energy Boosting Green Smoothie for Beginners

Now I know there are a whole lot of smoothie recipes out there. It’s basically a good combination of greens, fruit and liquid (and maybe some fancy superfoods like chia seeds, matcha powder, you name it). I think it’s just a matter of taste and one should just throw their […]