Quinoa Tabouleh Taboulé

Taste the World: Lebanese Quinoa Tabouleh

Tabouleh is a refreshing light Lebanese salad. I love having it as a side to well, pretty much everything. There are many different versions (e.g. with or without mint leaves, red or green onion etc.). This is just my favorite version to eat Tabouleh, but feel free to adjust it […]

Persian Olivieh Salad vegan

Persian Olivieh Salad & Rice Salad | Vegan BBQ

Just as the good old herb butter baguette, pasta salads and potato salads are simply part of any BBQ. Fair enough. A little variation never hurt anyone though. So how about an oriental salad like the Persian olivieh salad (which btw is adapted from the Russian olivier salad) or a fresh rice salad. Those two […]