Chocolate-glazed Gingerbread Cookies

To me gingerbread is simply a must during this time of the year. While most people complain about gingerbread cookies being sold already in September, I could eat them year-round. This recipes makes it happen!  You only need four healthy ingredients to ditch store-bought and make the most delicious homemade […]


Homemade Raspberry Jam

Nothing compares to homemade jam! This one can even be made without all the sugar because the fruit itself is sweet enough. Of course there’s another reason why jam is made with lot’s of gelling sugar, though. As the name implies, this sugar has a necessary feature in the making: […]


Coconut Almond Snowballs | Raffaello

Do you know those people who always complain about how it doesn’t feel like Christmas when there’s no snow? We all know them, don’t we? Well guess what, I’m one of them. Seriously, though: While I’m annoyed by people who complain about the weather all the time, I might be […]